How To Factory Reset Any Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are famous among the young generation. Likewise, health-conscious people also like this product because of its incredible features. When you wander in the market, you will see hundreds of thousands of smartwatches using a different OS. having a good smartwatch is okay, but it’s also important to know how to reset it.
It’s a hot topic on the internet that people don’t know how to reset their smartwatch. The reason is that they also have a different OS, and the resetting procedure might be different for every individual watch. This short guide will tell you the different and easiest ways to factory reset any smartwatch. Let’s begin!

Procedure To Reset Smartwatch If You Forget The Password

Some smartwatches require a password; if you have forgotten it, you don’t need to worry. Because we have the easiest solution for it, you can easily hard reset your smartwatch even if you have forgotten the password. Initially, you just need to confirm the error password, otherwise, the smartwatch will be locked. It might take a few seconds to a few minutes. Don’t always enter the same password, try different and wait for 30 seconds.

Please keep trying the wrong passwords, and the smartwatch will be locked. After that, you will start seeing the reset option and click on it. After that, pair the smartwatch with your smartphone again, and your smartwatch has been reset. Before pairing again, unpair it from your smartphone.

How To Hard Reset Smartwatch Using Your Smartphone

If resetting from the smartwatch is not working, you can fix your smartwatch using your smartphone. Follow the steps below to reset your device easily.

● Open the Wear OS app, and you will see the options to restrict or unlock the smartwatch.
● To start it, scroll down to the menus in the OS app and select Advanced Setting from the menu.
● Go to Unpair Clock, and you can now remove the watch.
● After that, check the reset button on your iPhone and click on it.
● Now, unpairing is also necessary. Hold the iPhone and press the disconnect button.
● Congrats! You have done a hard reset of your smartwatch using your phone.

How To Hard Reset Apple Smartwatch

If you have bought the smartwatch from the Apple brand, it offers different functionality to reset it. Check the complete procedure below:

● First, press and hold the power button of your smartwatch for a few seconds.
● Hold it until you start seeing the power OFF button.
● Now click on the Power OFF button.
● Again press and hold the power OFF button on the top of the menu.
● You will see the deletion option here. Click on it and delete all the Data settings.
● Click “Ok” to confirm and the hard resetting procedure will be started.
● Finally, your Apple smartwatch has been reset. Pair it again and enjoy.

Final Words

Hard resetting of smartwatches is pretty easy if you follow the right procedure. We have shared the simple resetting methods to reset your devices whether you have an ordinary smartwatch or an Apple smartwatch. We hope you will find these procedures helpful.