TAG Heuer Review

If you’re looking for a luxury chronograph watch, look no further because TAG Heuer has you covered. TAG is known for its luxury watch collection. TAG Heuer is one of the leading names in Swiss watchmakers. A TAG Heuer watch is no ordinary watch, it is the face of revolutionary watch designs.

The company, founded by Eduoard Heuer, represents quality workmanship and precise timekeeping. TAG Heuer watches were used during Olympics in the early 1900s. That’s how precise it’s timekeeping is known to be. Eduouard Heuer was one of the first people who simplified the movement of watches, and developed the oscillating pinion back in 1887 and that technology is still used by major movement manufacturers till date. TAG Heuer watch was the first Swiss watch ever that went to space. Its technology is the face of innovation is watch technology.

TAG watches are known for their motorsport design- sport-focused steel-cased chronograph watches. Alongside the Olympics, TAG had a time-keeping partnership with the glorious Ferrari. Its collections- Carrera, Monaco, Aquaracer, and Formula 1 to name a few, have gone through multiple evolutions to reach where they are today in the watch industry.

The watch quality is impeccable and the design is unique to its brand. It is stylish and sporty. The technology used has always been two steps ahead of the rest of the industry. TAG is no ordinary watch. It is a statement. So if you’re still concerned if you should invest in it, its outstanding history is there to help you decide. TAG Heuer makes both quartz and automatic watches. As far as its pricing is concerned- among other Swiss-made watches, TAG provides you with good value for money. And it is classified among affordable luxury Swiss watches.