Authenticity Guarantee

Dreams Pakistan, your trusted destination for luxury goods since 2005. Located at Plot No. B/1/2 Main M.A.C.H.S Roundabout, Muhammad Ali CHS (MACHS), Karachi, Sindh 73350, Pakistan, we have been specialising in retail and wholesale trade of premium products including watches, fine writing instruments, handbags, fashion accessories, crystal, and gift items. At Dreams Pakistan, we take immense pride in our reputation for offering the best prices, a diverse selection, and exceptional service to our valued customers.

Our Commitment to Authenticity

  1. Direct Partnerships with Authorized Dealers: We have established direct partnerships with authorized dealers and distributors of luxury brands, ensuring that every product we offer is genuine and authentic.
  2. Thorough Product Authentication: Our team of experts conducts thorough authentication processes for all our luxury goods. From watches to handbags, each item undergoes meticulous inspection to verify its authenticity and quality.
  3. Transparent Product Information: We provide transparent and detailed product information, including serial numbers, model specifications, and high-resolution images. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions with confidence.
  4. Authenticity Guarantee Certificate: With every purchase from Dreams Pakistan, you receive an authenticity guarantee certificate. This certificate serves as proof of the authenticity of your luxury item, giving you peace of mind.
  5. Dedicated Customer Service: Our customer service specialists are honest, reliable, and always ready to assist you. We are committed to earning your trust and satisfaction by providing prompt and courteous service at all times.

At Dreams Pakistan, our goal is to exceed your expectations and earn your trust through our dedication to authenticity, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. Explore our collection of luxury goods and experience the difference that authenticity makes.

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