Terms and Conditions

Product Availability: 
Placement of an order does not constitute a guarantee of item availability. We will make every effort to fulfill your order, but in the event that an item is unavailable, we cannot guarantee its provision.

Shipping and Delivery: 
Once an item is shipped, the responsibility for its delivery shifts to the designated courier service. It is the customer's responsibility to coordinate with the courier service for the successful delivery of the package. Our company is not liable for any issues that arise after the item has been shipped.

General Warranty Policy: 
All products are subject to the warranty policies of their respective brands. We will facilitate warranty claims in accordance with the specific brand's warranty terms.

The warranty for watches covers manufacturing defects in the movement only. This warranty is void if there is any evidence of physical damage to the watch. It's important to note that the warranty is exclusive to the watch's movement and does not extend to other parts or potential damages. Decisions made by our higher management regarding warranty claims are final and binding.

Eyewear is not covered by a warranty due to its nature as a wear and tear item. We encourage customers to handle eyewear with care, as we cannot provide warranty support for these products.

Home & Decor Items: 
Items categorized under Home & Decor are not eligible for warranty. These products are sold as-is, and any issues post-purchase will not be covered under a warranty scheme.

Please note that this warranty policy is subject to change, and we reserve the right to modify it at any time. Customers are encouraged to review the policy regularly for any updates.