Rolex VS Omega

Rolex VS Omega- Which is better?

Every watch enthusiast in the world knows how prestigious Omega and Rolex are as brands in the watch industry. The foremost in line, and incomparable to any other Swiss watches. Rolex and Omega both are highly recognized Swiss Luxury watch brands. However, people tend to be confused between choosing one of the two. 

Therefore, after detailed research and our own experience in the watch trade industry, we have listed down a few key points of comparison for the long ongoing debate of Omega vs Rolex. 

Resell value

When dealing with luxury timepieces such as Omega watches and Rolex watches, the most important thing to be mindful of is the reselling value. It is important to know how much you will be able to get back when you decide to sell your existing watch later on. Rolex watches have a much higher reselling value than Omega or any other Swiss brand out there for that matter. Omega’s reselling value is not bad either, but it is not as great as that of Rolex. 

However, Rolex is a far more knocked-off brand than Omega. You will find master copies, first copies, and a million other copies, so one must be very mindful while buying a pre-owned Rolex watch. 

Brand recognition

Rolex is known to have 100% international brand recognition, which again is an extra point for Rolex. Omega is the second most recognized watch brand in the watch trade industry with international brand recognition of 70%. That means 10/10 people know Rolex, but only 7/10 people would know about Omega watches.*


Price Difference

When we looked into the prices for Omega watches vs Rolex watches, Omega seemed to have the lead for value for money. It was in fact discovered that the most basic entry-level Rolex was twice as pricey as the most affordable Omega watch. 

Magnetic Resistance

The antimagnetic technology offered by both Rolex and Omega tries to provide its customers with the most accurate watches possible. Unlike mechanical watches, Rolex offers Milgauss which provides resistance to up to 1000 gauss and Omega offers Master Co-Axial Chronometer or a Master Chronometer designation that provides magnetic resistance up to 15000 gausses. This makes Omega 15 times more accurate than Rolex watches.

To conclude, even after tons of research it is quite hard to determine which one wins. Rolex and Omega both are amazing brands that provide top of the line, high quality watches which are hard to match. So, it’s better to have one of each instead of picking one!